Ellis Park Stadium Galleries

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Ellis Park Stadium GalleriesEllis Park Stadium Galleries

Ellis Park Stadium WallpaperEllis Park Stadium Wallpaper

Ellis Park Stadium PhotoEllis Park Stadium Photo

Ellis Park Stadium or better known Coca-Cola Park, is one that will stadiuon round 8 matches paila world of 2010. This stadium has held the final of the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and has a capacity of 60,000 spectator seats.

Moses Mabhida Stadium South Africa

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Moses Mabhida Stadium South AfricaMoses Mabhida Stadium South Africa

Moses Mabhida StadiumMoses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida ImageMoses Mabhida Image

Moses Mabhida Stadium one stadium that will be used on a large perdelapan round 2010 World Cup in South Arika. This stadium capacity of 70,000 people audience.

World Cup History 1990 - 2006

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Germany Champion World Cup 1990Germany Champion World Cup 1990

Brazil Champion World Cup 1994Brazil Champion World Cup 1994

France Champion World Cup 1998France Champion World Cup 1998

Brazil Champion World Cup 2002Brazil Champion World Cup 2002

Italy Champion World Cup 2006Italy Champion World Cup 2006

World Cup History 1970 - 1986

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Brazil Champion World Cup 1970Brazil Champion World Cup 1970

West Germany Champion World Cup 1974West Germany Champion World Cup 1974

Argentina Champion World Cup 1978Argentina Champion World Cup 1978

Italy Champion World Cup 1982Italy Champion World Cup 1982

Argentina Champion World Cup 1986Argentina Champion World Cup 1986

World Cup History 1954 - 1966

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West Germany Champion World Cup 1954West Germany Champion World Cup 1954

Brazil Champion World Cup 1958Brazil Champion World Cup 1958

Brazil Champion World Cup 1962Brazil Champion World Cup 1962

England Champion World Cup 1966England Champion World Cup 1966

World Cup History 1930 - 1950

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Uruguay Champion World Cup 1930Uruguay Champion World Cup 1930

Italy Champion World Cup 1934Italy Champion World Cup 1934

Italy Champion World Cup 1938Italy Champion World Cup 1938

Uruguay Champion World Cup 1950Uruguay Champion World Cup 1950

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Portuguese Footballer

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Cristiano Ronaldo Top Portuguese FootballerCristiano Ronaldo Top Portuguese Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo Kick BallCristiano Ronaldo Kick Ball

Cristiano Ronaldo Top StrikerCristiano Ronaldo Top Striker

Cape Town Stadium Cape Town

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Cape Town Stadium Cape TownCape Town Stadium Cape Town

Cape Town Stadium South AfricaCape Town Stadium South Africa

Cape Town Stadium ImageCape Town Stadium Image

Cape Town Stadium can accommodate 68,000 football spectators. Cape Town Stadium is located close to the sea in the southern Africa country, which makes the scene around the stadium is beautiful. Cape Town Stadium has also been the venue made for world musicians including Michael Jakcson, Metallica, U2, Robbie Williams and so on.

Soccer City Johannesburg Stadium

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Soccer City Johannesburg StadiumSoccer City Johannesburg Stadium

Soccer City South Africa StadiumSoccer City South Africa Stadium

Soccer City StadiumSoccer City Stadium

Soccer City is a stadium opening in 2010 World Cup South Africa country. Soccer City Stadium can accommodate 94.700 spectators and is one of the largest stadium in the southern african country. On June 11, 2010, Soccer City stadium will be the history of the opening World Cup match in 2010 and served between hosts South Africa against mexico.

2010 FIFA World Cup Group H

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Spain national football teamSpain national football team

Switzerland national football teamSwitzerland national football team

Honduras national football teamHonduras national football team

Chile national football teamChile national football team

Spain became a strong candidate who will qualify from Group H to the next round. With predicate european champions cup in 2008 and has a talent of players world soccer extraordinary, Spain in jagokan H will win this group. Chile and Switzerland will struggle to 1 ration can win tickets to the next round. Honduras, the team calculated that the team will be the caretaker will be in this group.

2010 FIFA World Cup Group G

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Brazil national football teamBrazil national football team

Korea DPR national football teamKorea DPR national football team

Côte d'Ivoire national football teamCôte d'Ivoire national football team

CPortugal national football teamPortugal national football team

Group G is a tough group. Brazil strong favorite is not easy to escape to the next round because they will be in blocking a strong team that Portugal is one of world football giants and Côte d'Ivoire which is a good team and strong. DPR Korea's only the weakest team and will most likely be eliminated.

2010 FIFA World Cup Group F

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Italy national football teamItaly national football team

Paraguay national football teamParaguay national football team

New Zealand national football teamNew Zealand national football team

Slovakia national football teamSlovakia national football team

Italy is the favorite won his group and qualify for the next round. Italy is a strong country and and have players who tanguh in the football world. For the second position to the fighting between the teams: Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia.

2010 FIFA World Cup Group E

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Netherlands national football teamNetherlands national football team

Denmark national football teamDenmark national football team

Japan national football teamJapan national football team

Cameroon national football teamCameroon national football team

Group E is a group of hell, because in live groups the world football tough. Netherlands are seeded through to the next round will not be easy to win and get away from this deadly group because they will be faced with tough teams, among others: Danish dynamite team ready to 'explode at any moment' as European Championship winner in 1992, the club denmark considered qualified for the round selanjutanya. Cameroon was one of the tough teams that will be difficult in defeat because of their compactness and reliability, as well as Japan which is the sunrise team is a solid team and a tough barrier that can be other teams.

2010 FIFA World Cup Group D

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Germany national football teamGermany national football team

Australia national association football teamAustralia national association football team

Serbia national football teamSerbia national football team

Ghana national football teamGhana national football team

Team Germany is one of strong candidates that would qualify the team to the next round from Group D. Team Germany is a specialist team tournament and a team with the nickname of diesel engines, more and more hot and more difficult in defeat. With predicate several times world champion and European champion, Germany is the favorite right through to the next round. Team to air that may escape was between the team in Australia who live a few world class players and Serbia who became a black horse world football. Another team that could be a surprise is the Ghana team

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