Gonzalo Higuaín Popular Argentine Footballer

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Gonzalo Higuaín Popular Argentine FootballerGonzalo Higuaín Popular Argentine Footballer

Gonzalo Higuaín in ActionGonzalo Higuaín in Action

Gonzalo Higuaín Celebrate GoalsGonzalo Higuaín Celebrate Goals

Gonzalo Higuaín is one of the attackers argentina mainstay of the country expect to be the best contribution to the 2010 World Cup later. Speed, strength, dribbling ability is good and the sharpness in the resolution goals is strength and skill possessed Gonzalo Higuaín

Alessandro Nesta Popular Italian Football Players

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Alessandro Nesta Popular Italian Football PlayersAlessandro Nesta Popular Italian Football Players

Alessandro Nesta Famous Italian Football PlayersAlessandro Nesta Famous Italian Football Players

Alessandro Nesta for AC MilanAlessandro Nesta for AC Milan

Signal Hill

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Signal HillSignal Hill

Signal HillSignal Hill

Signal Hill is a landmark in Cape Town next to Table Mountain (Table Mountain) and the Head of the Lion (Lion's Head). Signal Hill separates suburban Green Point and Sea Point from the downtown area City Bowl.

This hill became a popular place to visit for the tourists in Cape Town at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

On a sunny day, the tourists could be up the hill by foot or vehicle to view the magnificent scenery, ranging from the Beach area of Victoria and Alfred, Table Mountain, Devil's Peak (Devil's Peak), Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, can observe directly the Green Point Stadium - site of one of the party's 2010 World Cup semi-final - which appeared small. And the tourists can enjoy beautiful sunsets in the evening.

France VS Spain

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France Football TeamFrance Football Team

Spain National Football TeamSpain National Football Team

Test match which is not less cried that will take place in the beginning of this March, is the match between France VS Spain. France alone qualify for the World Cup finals in 2010 with stilted. But in this test match, both teams fairly balanced because it has a player of equal quality.

Friendly Match between Germany VS Argentina

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Germany TeamGermany Team

Argentina TeamArgentina Team

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup finals, coach of argentina Diego State 'of God' Maradona, very confused as they are not able to find team players argentina a compact and solid even though he was calling a lot of players, even recently maradona criticism that he did not able to draw on a good team. Especially in a game this experiment, will fight pemuncak argentina 4 groups namely the team's German panzer semmakin days, seen this team more solid and more compact. Germany itself would reduce the full team to prepare his team maturity.

Preparation Towards World Cup 2010

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Preparation Towards World Cup 2010Preparation Towards World Cup 2010

The participants who entered the world cup finals in 2010 in this month entered a period of very vital because it was not until four months away, the biggest soccer event in the world which will be held in the State of South Africa, will begin. In March of this, many test matches schedule teams world cup final to be held. Among other things between Ireland against Brazil, Ivory Coast against South Korea, Argentina against Germany, South Africa, the host against Namibia, Cameroon opponents Italy, France against Spain and many other test matches are very interesting and exciting which will take place in early March it.

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