Christoph Metzelder Popular Germany Football Players

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Christoph Metzelder Popular Germany Football PlayersChristoph Metzelder Popular Germany Football Players

After three years playing in Spain with Real Madrid's Christoph Metzelder finally return home. Port, 29-year-old defender latest was Schalke 04.

Metzelder was bound by Schalke for three years, which means he will stay there until the year 2013. "Christoph Metzelder will change the costume from Real Madrid to Schalke in the upcoming season.

For Metzelder, Schalke is not a new place. He never wore the uniform origin of Gelsenkirchen's team in 1995/96 when he was still a junior player.

He then flee to Preussen Munster in 1996, which is where he signed his first professional contract. His name began to rise when playing for Borussia Dortmund in the period 2000 to 2007. During this period, he also always be subscribed 'Tim Panzer'.

At the start of the season 2007/2008, Metzelder to join Real Madrid on a free transfer. However, his career with the El Real did not grow much because he often smothering injury. Impact, the German national team position as the subscription was free.

At the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa, Metzelder really hope he will be called, and chosen as one of the players who will be leaving South Africa not to bring a country Germany.

Gianluigi Buffon Italian Football Players

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Gianluigi Buffon Italian Football PlayersGianluigi Buffon Italian Football Players
Gianluigi Buffon Goalkeeper Italian Football TeamGianluigi Buffon Italian Football Team

Gianluigi Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in the world of Italian national origin. Country's Gianluigi Buffon is expected to be playing well and could emerge as a savior goalkeeper for her team competed in the World Cup 2010 in South Korea and can help his team with his experience to be able to win this World Cup.

Haiti warming game, Argentina coach Call Ortega

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Argentina TeamArgentina Team
Haiti Soccer TeamHaiti Soccer Team

Diego Maradona is Argentina coach a football team, took the surprising step by Ariel Ortega to call for action trial against Haiti. This veteran player is no longer wearing the costume of Argentina since 2003.

Friendly match between Argentina vs. Haiti will be held at Cutral Co., Haiti, Wednesday (05/05/2010) local time.

Inside the game, Argentina will not lower his best squad. but will be filled by a majority of the players who competed in local competitions.

Nevertheless, it nonetheless feels a special calling for Ortega. Little Donkey, dubbed the players are happy to admit rejoin Argentina after almost seven years in marginalized.

Throughout her career, Ortega has strengthened Argentina as much as 86 times that contributed 17 goals. The player who is now 36-year-old was featured last time against the Netherlands on February 12, 2003.

Golden Ball for World Cup Final

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Golden Ball for World Cup FinalConcert Music before World Cup

FIFA has set up a special ball for the 2010 World Cup final match. Carrying the name Jo'Bulani, the ball is the latest version of Jabulani, a decorated gold on sekililingnya.

Jo'Bulani name deliberately chosen as a form of respect for the City of Johannesburg, where the final match will take place.

Both Jabulani and Jo'Bulani have the latest technology known as "Grip'n'Groove". Adidas ball output is claimed to have a stable rate and a much better grip. The ball is also claimed by its maker as the most rounded ball ever made.

Related to the issuance of a special ball for the final round, this is not the first time Adidas done. At the last World Cup in 2006, the German company issued a 'Adidas Teamgeist Berlin' for the final match between France vs Italy

Concert Music before World Cup

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Concert Music before World CupConcert Music before World Cup

A large music concerts will be held in Johannesburg on June 10, the day before the opening World Cup in 2010. No half-hearted, world-class artists will perform there.

The names of famous entertainers such as Keys, Shakira, the group Black Eyed Peas and John Legend was chosen to appear in FIFA's concert.

Color African music is not necessarily forgotten folk singer thanks to the presence of southern Africa, Vusi Mahlasaela, and Amadou and Marian and Tinariwen from Mali.

"We are pleased to be able to hold large-scale concerts. The featured artist will open the first World Cup on African soil," said FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke in YahooSports.

The grand concert will be held at Orlando Stadium in Soweto area in the city of Johannesburg. Famous producer Kevin Wall has been appointed to be the brain behind the concert that lasted three hours.

Before this, the Wall has been involved in big concerts, including concerts demanding the release of Nelson Mandela who was detained South African apartheid government, and the Live 8 concerts in 2005 and Live Earth concert in 2007.

South Africa believes Safe During the World Cup

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South Africa believes Safe During the World CupSouth Africa believes Safe During the World Cup

Until now there is still a high level of anxiety in many people at the security aspects of South Africa during the World Cup Event 2010. However, local governments continue to ensure that the tournament will take place in a safe and fine.

These fears in advance comes as South Africa's crime rate is high. South Africa Survey and the results show one of the country's most high-level killings and rapes in the world.

Nkoana-Mashabane explained that South Africa has spent a lot of money and resources so that all of this to be the best tournament "the world has ever seen."

Ribery Affected Cases

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Ribery Affected CasesRibery Affected Cases
Franck Ribery brilliant career will be threatened due dicoreng cases outside the gridiron. French international star and Bayern Munich was mentioned involved a very embarrassing thing that is prostitution.

Ribery has been known as a player muted due to close his private life from media exposure.

But this time Ribery became headlines in the local media that the French because the case could damage his reputation. As reported previously, Ribery, Govou Sdyney and another French player was summoned by local police as a witness to the existence of child prostitution involving underage girls in a night club located on the Champs-Elysees.

A final outstanding issue states that players 27 years old was having "relations" with a woman at a nightclub, but he did not know it was underage.

The development of this shameful case would still be conducted by the French press, as they are still "gregetan" with Les Bleus team that is not convincing to qualify for the World Cup finals in 2010.

If Ribery proven guilty, the man who already has two daughters could be sentenced to a maximum of three years imprisonment and a fine of 45 thousand euros, or about 546 million rupiah. And this is certainly a severe blow in preparation for France to South Africa.

World Cup Tickets may be purchased at the Mall

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World Cup Tickets may be purchased at the MallWorld Cup Tickets may be purchased at the Mall
For the first time, World Cup tickets can be obtained by buying direct. FIFA will distribute about 500,000 tickets at various shopping centers in the nine host cities.

The decision to sell tickets directly taken by FIFA and the organizing committee to accommodate the public desire for South Africa and the countries on the continent of Africa watching the World Cup in 2010.

Previous World Cup 2010, FIFA had never sell tickets directly to the four great annual event. Prospective buyers who are interested usually need to book via the internet, pay by credit card or bought at a bank that has been designated.

However, because the level of many African economies are still much lower, it's no wonder then many of the protests with the sales system. Conditions that make the party committee then decided to sell tickets directly.

Carlos Alberto Parreira South Africa National Footbal Team

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Carlos Alberto Parreira South Africa National Footbal TeamCarlos Alberto Parreira South Africa National Footbal Team
Carlos Alberto Parreira South Africa National Footbal TeamCarlos Alberto Parreira South Africa National Footbal Team

Carlos Alberto Parreira as coach of the national soccer team of South Africans still have a special homework in preparing the technical team in South Africa. particular care squad still lacking in the mastery of the ball.

Speaking after his side came back from training for one month in Brazil, Parreira said that the Bafana Bafana of South Africa team nickname should work harder to better ball Possession, whichever is less visible things in the country's domestic competition.

From the results of the exercise in the country of Brazil, shortages still exist, but somewhat reduced.

Parreira, who took Brazil won the World Cup in 1994, will lead South Africa at the third World Cup. From his first two appearances, the country team has never escaped the group stage.

Furthermore, Parreira will involve 25 players in training camp for 19 days in Germany. South Africa will play its first match against Mexico on June 11.
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Japan Defeated, Ridiculed Players

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Japan Defeated, Ridiculed PlayersJapan Defeated, Ridiculed Players

At the World Cup warm-up match between Japan and Serbia went very attractive. Japan should recognize the resilience of Serbian troops who then compete with the very compact and unusual.

Japan's 0-3 defeat of Serbia in World Cup warm-up match in 2010. The Japanese players had to get taunts from the suporternya because of this defeat.

Japan and Serbia who are participating in the World Cup in 2010 made a friendly match at Saitama Stadium 2002, Wednesday (7/4/2010). But the Japanese team eventually lost by a landslide in front of his supporters.

While being a star Dragan Mrdja victory for Serbia, where he was able to score two goals. The opening goal for the Serbs to the Japanese goal scored by Mrdja in the 15th minute goal-kick past his left leg.

He re-penetrate the Japanese goal in the 23rd minute from close range. Meanwhile, Serbian midfielder Nemanja Tomic Serbia finally completing a 3-0 victory at minute 60.

After the third goal, the rest of the game the players also get the ridicule of the Japanese fans.

After the game the Japanese national team coach Takeshi Okada was apologizing for the defeat of the squad.

As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Japan will be in group E with Dutch, Danish and Cameroon. While Serbia will face Germany, Australia and Ghana in Group D

Ottmar Hitzfeld Ccoach of the Swiss National Team

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Ottmar Hitzfeld Coach of the Swiss National TeamOttmar Hitzfeld Coach of the Swiss National Team
Ottmar Hitzfeld From GermanyOttmar Hitzfeld From Germany

Ottmar Hitzfeld has been successfully bagging many titles with the club. But Hitzfeld admitted that he still has a strong desire to succeed where he is currently the Swiss national team coach.

Hitzfeld is one of the successful coaches in Europe. He managed to bring his club won seven Bundesliga titles and also is one of two coaches who successfully earned a degree in Europe with two different clubs.

When the World Cup finals in South Africa, Switzerland will be a group with European champions Spain, Chile and Honduras. Hitzfeld also admitted that the squad are the underdogs and it is hard to get away from this group

Shunsuke Nakamura Popular Japanese Fotball Players

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Shunsuke Nakamura Popular Japanese Fotball PlayersShunsuke Nakamura Popular Japanese Fotball Players
Shunsuke Nakamura Popular WingerShunsuke Nakamura Popular Winger
Shunsuke Nakamura ahead of World Cup warm-up injuryShunsuke Nakamura ahead of World Cup warm-up injury

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