World Cup 2010 All Star Team

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Best World Cup News - All Star player in 2010 World Cup in South Africa Options:
Iker Casillas: The adidas Golden Glove recipient receives 41 percent of the vote goalkeeper - 29 percent more than the nearest challenger.

Philipp Lahm: 43.81 percent of the vote made him the only member of the last FIFA World Cup All-Star team to regain its position.

Carles Puyol: Probably not the best dynamic in the group stage,

Maicon: Fight for breaking the DPR Korea in their curtain raiser, Maicon's retained competent also earned him 31.45 percent of the vote.

Sergio Ramos: stubborn defensively and offensively inventive, collecting 30.21 percent of your voice.

Wesley Sneijder: The second highest percentage of votes is an indication of output in the South African attacking midfielder. Sneijder would take the opportunity to dazzle in the FIFA World Cup.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: 25-tahunDia cover 79.80 km - total better just by Spain Xavi - Incredible firmly in the victory in Australia, England and Argentina, and worthy of your voice gave him 39.96.

Andres Iniesta: Iniesta is also superior in determining the trip to Spain with the skills and handsome and smart passing.

Xavi: he received 36.96 percent of the vote.

David Villa: The pressure is firmly on the El Guaje throughout the tournament, and under it he was growing rapidly. he received 61.33 percent of your voice tells its own story.

Diego Forlan. Five goals and a few plays, unconditionally inspired a whole he adidas Golden Ball and place in the All-Star Team.

Vicente Del Bosque: Some of the decisions was questioned before the tournament and in the group stage. Overall it was evidenced by the sacred Trophy.

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Muller Praud Parallel With Pele and Beckenbauer

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Muller Praud Parallel With Pele and BeckenbauerMuller Praud Parallel With Pele and Beckenbauer

Best World Cup News - Multiple award-winning Thomas Muller claimed a hard time believing he could still snatch two individual trophies at the 2010 World Cup, the things he never previously imagined.

It became the first World Cup for men 20 years old, but he was immediately able to print five goals and made winning the gold shoes as the top score.

Wesley Sneijder, Diego Forlan and David Villa, also scored the same number of goals with him, but three assists Muller also made a differentiating factor.

"It was incredible, I am just a newcomer in this World Cup, if someone says I will get a value of 8 at the end of the tournament, I think they'd be joking," he said on his club's official website.

"Of course it's an honor, but in fact will be more happy if I could win the World Cup than this,"

Not only the top score, but he also received a gift of the best young players in South Africa.

"A great honor too sure, could be the same group of players who never reach it, there was Pele, Michael Owen, Franz Beckenbauer, and the previous winner, Lukas Podolski,"

Heroes' welcome the arrival of the Spanish

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Heroes' welcome the arrival of the SpanishHeroes' welcome the arrival of the Spanish
Ocean ManOcean Man
Spanish players paraded from the bus with the roof openSpanish players paraded from the bus with the roof open

Best World Cup News - Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets in Madrid so that a sea of red, when waiting for their World Cup heroes through the streets as he carried the trophy on the bus open.

Champions, who beat the Netherlands in the finals in South Africa, flew to their country Monday and is scheduled to perform on the road touring the protocol in the Spanish capital, after a visit to King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Crowds of people thronged the open area near the River Manzanares, where the procession stopped players, so the greeter committee asked residents to evacuate the area.

Parents waited patiently with a child in their stroller. As accompaniment to the bus looked in the distance, they began to sing a popular song for supporters of the team: "I am a Spaniard, Spain."

At the players wearing shirts with the words "world champion", waving the flag and pose with a mass of red and yellow while the music echoed from the loudspeakers.

In calling supporters goalkeeper Iker Casillas and sing "Villa, Villa, Maravilla" and Marvellous Villa, as a tribute to striker David Villa, Spain's top scorer in South Africa.

Their final destination is the mainland area of 31 000 square meters near the Manzanares River and the stage has been set up to do the show at night.

In Manzanares, officers sprayed water into the mass to cool the hot weather and it was a victory party lasted until midnight.

The atmosphere of happiness and the feast was held in Madrid last Wednesday, when supporters of the country team took to the streets to celebrate their team's victory over Germany in the semi-finals party.

Color vehicle back and forth with the flag of Spain, including paint their shirts with the same color.

Unique Facts and Extreme World Cup 2010 (2)

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From 52 different leagues that send players to compete in the World Cup, English Premier League as a competition filings that contribute the most players in the World Cup with a total of 107 players.

Club that most players competing in the World Cup is Barcelona with 13 players. English Premier League giants Arsenal send 10 players to the World Cup and his unique, none of them is England. Meanwhile, Panathinaikos send the most number of players from one club to a national team that is eight Greek national team players.

Meanwhile, for representatives of each zone: April 25 from North Korea into the Asian team contributed the most players that seven people; in the CONCACAF zone, Olimpia of Honduras at most send players to the World Cup with a total of six players. The number of four players sent from South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns African club contributor makes most players, even with four players Universidad de Chile in CONMEBOL zone (Latin America)

National team players with a number of clubs contributor is the most populated Serbian players from 23 different clubs. National teams who all play in domestic league players are England, Germany and Italy, while Ghana had not strengthened players from local leagues.

Of the 32 national team competing in the World Cup this time, the country recorded the largest population of the United States with a population reaching 307 006 550 inhabitants. While the participating countries with the smallest population of Slovenia with a population of 'only' 2,021,316 inhabitants.


Caps or the player who recorded the most appearances in the World Cup this time is the Cameroon defender, Rigobert Song with a record 136 caps for the Indomitable Lions.

Players who played the most World Cup matches was the Italian captain, Fabio Cannavaro with a notch 15 matches. And if the combined total of the action in the event dilakoni his players before the World Cup, Italy recorded the highest record with 69 matches.

For business goal, Carlos Pavón from Honduras had become an international player with a collection of the most widely goals with 56 goals Raihan.


Stadium, which has particularly greatest capacity Soccer City in Johannesburg is capable of accommodating 91 141 viewers, while the smallest is the stadium with a capacity Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit which 'only' a capacity of 43 589 spectators.

If the measured height of the sea surface, Ellis Park Stadium and Soccer City, both in Johannesburg, is the highest stadium with elevation of 1.75 km from the sea surface. While the three stadiums namely the Durban Stadium in Durban, the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town and Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth are parallel to the surface of the sea.

For the average highest temperature in the month of June-July recorded in the town of Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban ie, between 73.4 º F to 51.8 º F. While the average lowest temperature in the month of June-July which is between 62.6 º F to 28.4 º F occurred in the Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein.

City organizers of World Cup matches which is the Johannesburg has the densest population of an estimated population reached 3.88818 million inhabitants. Polokwane, by contrast, is a city with a population of administering the most rare - only about 300,000 inhabitants.


For business court game, the youngest age is held by the home referees of Uzbekistan, Ravshan Irmatov 32-year-old. Who's the most senile referee Carlos Simon, Brazil is already 44 years old.

The most unique is the referee in the World Cup this time there is coming from countries with relatively low FIFA ranking - even the lowest of all the referees are there, namely Eddy Maillet of the Seychelles, the country ranked 178th FIFA

Unique Facts and Extreme World Cup 2010 (1)

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Best World Cup News - World Cup 2010 is getting closer to the end. South Africa, leaving only the final performance: the determination of the new world champion of the Spanish Netherlands cons.

28 countries which no longer participate has left the black African continent, but the appearance as well as their presence at the World Cup this time still leaves the story and the facts of a unique and extreme, especially during the phase penyiyihan group.

The following data and facts about World Cup 2010 South Africa:


Record for oldest player to appear in the 2010 World Cup is held by England goalkeeper, David James with 39 years. While non-goalie player who holds the record for the oldest old is the attacker Mexico, Cuauhtemoc Blanco with 37 years of age. Record for the youngest players registered by the Danish player who just turned 18 years old, Christian Eriksen.

Greece coach Otto Rehhagel as coach filings with the oldest aged 71 years. While the youngest coach held by Slovak architect, Vladimir Weiss, who was 45 years old.

For the average team age, Brazilian filings as a team with an average age of the oldest 29 years. While The Black Stars, Ghana became the team with an average age of the youngest 24 years old.


The highest player is held by the attacker Serbia, Nikola Zigic with physical towering up to 2.03 meters. Meanwhile, the shortest player listed on behalf of England winger, Aaron Lennon who 'only' has a height of 1.65 meters.

The team with an average height player is Serbia which is the most up to 1.85 meters; and the team with the player's height shortest average is Chile that is 1.76 meters.

Shakira: I'm feeling the love

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Shakira: I'm feeling the loveShakira: I'm feeling the love
Shakira: I'm feeling the loveShakira: I'm feeling the love

Best World Cup News - After performing at the concert kick-off for the World Cup, Shakira also will contribute to closing the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when he sang the official song of the tournament, Waka Waka (this time for Africa), before a player from the Netherlands and Spain played the final round at Soccer City.

Comments from Shakira: What's the most fun you when in South Africa?
I think this month that I spend in South Africa has been so inspiring, so stimulating, one of the happiest months of my life in recent years. It's so exciting to wake up every morning looking forward to the game, see the newspaper just to open the sports section because I became like a football fanatic. The people of South Africa They are amazing, they're so fun, expressive and loving. I've felt the love from the first day I arrived, every day more and more. For the first time in my life, I arrived at immigration and I see immigration officers really dance and sing Waka Waka. It's such an amazing experience.

Priview Netherlands Versus Spain

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Priview Netherlands Versus SpainPriview Netherlands Versus Spain

Best World Cup News - Netherlands and Spain are both overflowing with first-class midfielders, midfielders. However, Xavi Hernandez believes that final action will be not just a war between the midfielder.

Call it a row of a Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Dirk Kuyt to Rafael Van der Vaart in the Dutch camp. Or maybe, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas in Spain until Sergio Busquets. The final game promises something interesting for several reasons.

The Dutch midfielder was not only versed in the control of the ball. They are also quick and often resolve themselves without having to rely on chance Robin Van Persie is plotted as a sole striker. As proof, Sneijder has scored five goals so far.

While the Spanish midfielder is known candidate in maintaining control of the ball. Who does not know a single operand or two quick nan's Xavi and Iniesta? Or maybe Xabi typical operand far? Not if Fabregas finally played. Arsenal captain is known not only good at passing on his club, but had a vision of the game.

Who has the most formidable midfield mastery believed would win the ball. However, Xavi believes that the finals this time not merely a matter of good midfielders, but also involves a matter of mastery of the ball.

This game will berlamngsung July 11, 2010 held in Johannesburg - Soccer City Stadium at 20:30 local time and headed referee Referee Howard Webb (ENG)

Germany got third place

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Germany got third placeGermany got third place

Best World Cup News - Germany managed to repeat the successful previous edition of the World Cup title with a third place. This time, the "Bronze" comes thanks to the victory over Uruguay.

Germany overcome Uruguay 3-2 draw in a match that took place in Port Elizabeth, (07/11/2010). In the first half both teams share a 1-1 score. Superior German Thomas Mueller before first using equated Edisnson Cavani.

Diego Forlan of Uruguay took the lead 2-1 early in the second half. It did not take long, Der Panzer equalized thanks to a goal Marcell Jansen. Sami Khedira appear as a hero when his efforts succeeded in hacking into the goalpost La Celeste 82 minutes ..

This is the fourth time Germany took third place in the World Cup once before in 1934, 1970, and 2006.

The road game

Struggles against Uruguay in the third place, there was little change in the line-up Germany. European representatives to appear without Miroslav Klose, Philipp Lahm, Lukas Podolski, and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Germany took control of the game so game starts.

Even so precisely that Uruguay has the first ripe opportunities in this fight. Diego Forlan is still a free kick on the right side of the German goalkeeper.

Furthermore, an interesting battle. Both teams attack each other.

Goals in the match was finally born in the 18th minute. Germany belongs to the goal that was recorded by Thomas Mueller.

Gol started from a hard kick from Bastian Schweinsteiger outside the penalty box. The ball is able ignored by Fernando Muslera. But Mueller grabbed the rebound and swiftly to the wicket melesakkan Uruguay. This is the fifth goal Bayern Munich's players at the World Cup in 2010.

German superiority did not last long. Edinson Cavani hacked goalkeeper Hans Jorg Butt and make the score became 1-1.

This goal was born in the 27th minute. Starting from the success of Diego Perez steal the ball from Bastian Schweinsteiger, 15 players were numbered back then passes to Luis Suarez.

Then the Ajax Amsterdam player off the ball to the left side. Cavani there who do not get a tight guard and then drove the ball into the penalty box. Although subsequently overshadowed Per Mertesacker, who, dropping self Cavani hacked in the German goal.

Both teams continued to create chances with each other. But until intermission no additional goals are created.

Gol! Uruguay turned around to lead 2-1 in the 51st minute thanks to Diego Forlan action.

Egidio Arevalo mengarsiteki birth of this goal. Bait from the right wing received Forlan who did not get tight escort. Ex-Manchester United was fired the next volley. The ball had bounced before the nesting ground to the goalkeeper Hans Jorg Butt. This is the fifth goal, which was recorded Forlan in this tournament.

It did not take long for Germany to equalize the score. Marcell Jansen who is successfully balancing scoring position.

Goals were created through feedback from Jerome Boateng from the right. Muslera effort to ward off the ball failed. Jabulani Marcell Jansen in fact lead to further successful Uruguay netted the ball into the goal. Turned into a 2-2 score.

Entering the final ten minutes, Der Panzer more frequently launch raids into the opponent's penalty box. Thomas Kiessling entry of more young blood menghidpukan European vice attacks.

Joachim Loew besutan team effort fruitful results of eight minutes to disperse. Sami Khedira is that listed his name on the scoreboard.

This goal started from a corner just Mesut Oezil. The ball which led to the penalty box could lead to chaos. A ball thrown by Diego Lugano try it leads to Khedira. These six players back numbered ball that failed to direct gore Muslera prevented.

The composition Players

Uruguay: 1-Fernando Muslera; 2-Diego Lugano, 3-Diego Godin, 4-Jorge Fucile, 16-Maximiliano Pereira, 15-Diego Perez (5-Walter Gargano 76 '), 17-Egidio Arevalo, 7-Edinson Cavani ( 13-Sebastian Abreu 88 '), 22-Martin Caceres, 9-Luis Suarez, 10-Diego Forlan.

Germany: 22-Hans-Joerg Butt; 2-Marcell Jansen (18-Toni Kroos 81 '), 3-Arne Friedrich, 17-Per Mertesacker, 20-Jerome Boateng, 13-Thomas Mueller, Dennis Aogo four-, six-Sami Khedira, 7-Bastian Schweinsteiger, 19-Cacau (9-Stefan Kiessling 73 '), 8-Mesut Ozil (5-Serdar Tasci 90')

Unique Supporters World Cup 2010 (1)

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Unique Dress Germany FansUnique Dress Germany Fans
Unique Dress Netherlands FansUnique Dress Netherlands Fans
Unique Dress Uruguay FansUnique Dress Uruguay Fans

Paul Select Spain

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Paul Select SpainPaul Select Spain

Best World Cup News - Paul's Octopus finally "willing" to guess the World Cup final in 2010. In quick time he chose Spain as the team will become champions, defeating the Netherlands.

Paul became a prima donna in recent World Cup after all guessed correctly for the German game, including when predicting Der Panzer Spain in the semi-finals would be overthrown.

Although reportedly not had time to choose the final game, because it does not involve Germany, Paul finally "asked" to make a choice: Spain or the Netherlands.

In the process of "prophecy" that was broadcast by German television station from the aquarium at Sea Life Oberhausen city, the sea creature with a steady eight bertentakel choose "Matador".

"Very fast. It seems clear that the victory is for Spain," the spokesman said "home" Paul.

Want to know how fast Paul choose Spain? About three minutes! Yet for a couple of games he needs time to "think" up to 70 minutes!

In addition to Spain, Paul also predicted the winner of the match ranked third. For parties of Germany versus Uruguay, he chose "the Master", Germany.

Launched Logo World Cup 2014

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Launched Logo World Cup 2014Launched Logo World Cup 2014

Best World Cup News - Toward the end of the event tournament in South Africa 2010 World Cup, FIFA World Cup logo next launch will be held in Brazil next four years.

The logo image forming interlocking hands that World Cup trophy. The green color dominates, decorated with yellow, as the two colors is the Brazilian identity.

In a launch event in Johannesburg, (08/07/2010) night local time, Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that the logo reflects the football as part of human life, especially in South American countries like Brazil.

Brazil as a five-time world champion never again to host since 1950. The last South American country to host are Argentina in 1978.

Logo launch event was also attended by among others the President of Brazil Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva, a former stars such as Cafu Samba team, coach Carlos Alberto Pereira, as well as soccer officials and important figures such as Michel Platini and Franz Beckenbauer.

Priview Germany Versus Uruguay

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World Cup Germany SquadWorld Cup Germany Squad
Uruguay 2010 World Cup Squad SquadUruguay 2010 World Cup Squad Squad

Best World Cup News - Germany will face Uruguay are no longer fighting to become champions. Der Panzer But this promise will be performing such a serious action to deal with self-esteem.

Germany knocked out in the struggle for world title after the conquest by Spain 0-1 in the semifinal. While Uruguay should diminish his dream of becoming champions after the Dutch defeated by 2-3.

For Germans who appear quite impressive on its way to the semi-finals, the defeat of Spain was very painful. Der Panzer young players has been successfully rid the UK and also Argentina.

Although disappointed, but coach Joachim Loew der Panzer will ensure the squad to face Uruguay focus. "Of course there are disappointments, but now we need a bit of team building," he said as quoted by Reuters.

"I'm sure we'll go into the game with focus. I have nothing to hang our heads and we want to get a good last game," said Germany coach this team.

Priview Germany versus Spain

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Priview Germany versus SpainPriview Germany versus Spain
Estimate composition of playersEstimate composition of players

Best World Cup News - Germany vs Spain's Party deserves to be called like Final party, like the Euro 2008 finals, also like real-finals if they view the status as a top seed in this tournament in 2010.

Spain is in the best current generation, the golden era for them, starting from two years ago when they won the European trophy, which was also met by chance when the German as his opponent.

While the Germans surprised everyone in South Africa instead capitalize their young fleet capable of cutting all the doubts, the average age of the players Der Panzer was the youngest compared to other contestants, one more proof of the young does not mean quality.

This team has a backbone, the team that won Euro 2009 U-21. Start Ozil, Muller, Kroos, Khedira break up the establishment of other teams are more superior by the British and Argentine variety, it is already believed to coach Joachim Loew.

"I never doubted the potential and development of these players, they all have menunjukannya victory that they are so hungry and want to win this tournament,"

Key games: Action must be strictly between the two camps, the Spanish views of his last games often do carelessness at the back, Pique even lucky not to be a prisoner, thanks to a penalty that carried Cassilas rescue.

German counter attack has been proven to be very disciplined Spanish preformance at the back if you do not want to suffer the same fate with Argentina. Meanwhile, David Villa up front need some help, if it is too dependent on him Spain would die creation, sharpness matador can not keep hanging on a Villa.

German appeared in two games last riveting England and Argentina brushed with four goals, but keep in mind that time there was Thomas Muller, he had proved himself so vital front-line role in Germany, two goals against England and scored a quick opener when met Tango kala that he was present.

In this fight he would be absent due to suspension, so the problem of Germany should be able to find the missing link Muller's absence, they should be able to find players who can play together, and be able to develop clever counterattack Muller, Germany would be difficult if not banged the back of Spain.

I predict Germany will win this game and headed for the World Cup Final 2010

Netherlands strolled into the Final

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Netherlands strolled into the FinalNetherlands strolled into the Final

Best World Cup News - Uruguay and the Netherlands met in the semifinal of World Cup in South Africa in 2010 to fight over one place in the final. This game was held at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town and headed by referee Usbekiztan origin, Ravshan Irmatov.

First Round:
Entered the match just three minutes to feed the stomach Robben successfully countered by the goalkeeper of Uruguay, Nestor Muslera but the ball was headed to the results tepisannya Dirk Kuyt. Kuyt had grabbed the ball, but the ball was still high over the goalkeeper of Uruguay.

Uruguay continued to attack the Dutch defense, Kuyt sent a cross from the right of defense Albiceleste toward the penalty box, but unfortunately lost quickly with Muslera Robben. Uruguay instead of not attacking at all, but every time they build the attack, the Dutch defender offside trap stymie the flow of their attacks.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst trying to help the attack, he did a kick-smelling speculation in the 18th minute. Kick the ball toward the left side Muslera goalpost and into the goal after time to hit the crossbar, 1-0 to the Netherlands.

Small incident when Martin Caceres will do salto kick towards the Dutch goalkeeper, de Zeeuw Academy who tried to gore the ball is actually receiving a kick Caceres, Zeeuw was lying in the middle of the field. Sneijder is not received on the action of pushing it down Caceres, Caceres and Sneijder finally rewarded with two yellow cards by the court.

Uruguay is also not remain silent. Conscious of penetration is always terminated Dutch players, Forlan tries to kick speculation over long distances. This kick can not be anticipated by the Dutch goalkeeper, Maarten Stekelenburg shot the ball too hard into the post. Gol! Uruguay successfully equalized 1-1 to Uruguay.

Until the referee blew the long whistle marks the first round after the position remained 1-1 for both teams.

Second Round:
Substitutions occur in this second round. Rafael van der Vaaart entry replaces Academy de Zeeuw who suffered injuries after the incident in the first round earlier.

To 66 minutes, Uruguay got the opportunity through a free kick which dilesakkan by Forlan. Stekelenburg is still able to read where the direction of the ball, the ball too easily he tepis.

The Netherlands finally scored a goal this time through the legs Sneijder in the 70th minute, hard kick hit the foot of horizontal Uruguayan defender thus changing the direction of the ball. Muslera could not reach the ball.

2-1 did not dampen the Meneer to add to their goals. Dirk Kuyt cross directional greeted tandukan Robben, the ball was sliding rapidly into the goal. Netherlands lead 3-1.

Uruguay can minimize their backwardness in injury time, starting from the set piece Maxi Pereira managed to put the ball into the Dutch goalkeeper. Final score 2-3 to win the Dutch and they strolled into the final.

Unique behavior of the fans 2

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Unique behavior of the fans 2Unique behavior of the fans 2
Fans smileFans smile
Fans shoutFans shout

Unique behavior of the fans 1

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Unique behavior of the fansUnique behavior of the fans
Fans were disappointedFans were disappointed
Fans are excitedFans are excited

Power of the Final Four peek Map

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Held ready for the semi-final. The four strongest teams in world football is ready to meet competing for the final place and record their country's history there. Best World cup News tried to review the opportunities for each team to set foot in the final. This review we look at the teams strengths, weaknesses, and also factors in their history since the World Cup was first held.


The country is the sole remaining representative of the American continent in South Africa. Status as a dark horse will increase the mentality of their players to play off without a load. Diego Forlan, death-winning striker scored twice top of La Liga this will be the mainstay of their main front.
They do not have a midfielder who could become creators attacks or playmaker, the striker Diego Forlan back to pick up more of the ball itself. While the front lines they will be a little dull after the red card punishment for Luis Suarez on rescue action 'god's hand'.
Factor History
Uruguay has its own notes in their participation in the World Cup, they held champions in 1930 and 1950. In 1970 they succeeded in penetrating the semi-finals, but unfortunately failed to advance to the finals because of bent Brazil 1-3. But unfortunately in 1990 they did not qualify. If cycle 20 is an annual tradition for Uruguay and its own myth, the goddess Fortuna did not rule will lead this team to the final.

They appeared invincible during the last 24 games. Brazil is a favorite champion already feel the greatness of this team. Three strikers they are quality assurance in the European leagues, not to mention they are sustained by class playmaker Wesley Sneijder. Open and attacking game in the style of total football that long-awaited've looked back at the game against Brazil.
Their starter is the player who has a dark shadow with an injury, call it Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben or Joris Mathijsen, it makes the game players are impressed not get out and tend to be more careful. The absence of Nigel de Jong and Gregory van der Weil because of accumulated cards will make their power a bit lame in this semifinal. Another weakness is often played badly and tend to underestimate if the fight against small teams in the knockout round.
Factor History
This World Cup is the trophy for the Dutch world number nine, but not historical factors on their side. They never become the champion of the World Cup which they never follow.

Midfield and the front they are very scary, they've scored 13 goals from five matches they played. Even three of their matches through with four goals entering the game against Australia, England and Argentina.Serangan air ball back and become the main strength of their front line, there's good Miroslav Klose air ball, and do not forget to set piece goals they often culminate in a match .
Although we know their defense is very disciplined in keeping their areas, but actually they occupied the back line players who do not have the speed. They often lose when fighting with a striker-striker sprints little faster. Muller's absence in the semi-final match later on will also reduce the strength of their front line.
Factor History
No wonder if this team gets the team title tournament specialists, they often follow the qualifying round with a limp but he remained fierce in the preliminary round to round knockout. They followed this tournament 16 times and won three times champion in 1954, 1974, and 1990. They have also finished runner up four times, that means it's seven times they entered the final round. Tradition and history than the German side are three other four final contestants.

In addition to having the top score while David Villa, and cohesion of the collectivity games into their weapons. Understandably four of their core players from a single best club in Spain, Barcelona and was fit to each other. Xavi, Andres Iniesta duo in midfield and Gerrard Pique duet-Carlos Puyol at the back is the heart of Barcelona game which was brought to Spain.
KelemahanPemain behind them is a defender who hooked joined the attack, often lax and too late to go back to the post of defense.
Factor History
Just like the Netherlands, Spain does not have a good history in the World Cup. Even though Spain has never signed the final, David Villa cs even managed to carve out a new history in this 2010 World Cup, for the first time in the history of their participation, the Spanish managed to reach the semifinals. History of what else would they break?

Coming to Netherlnds versus Uruguay

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World Cup Netherlands TeamWorld Cup Netherlands Team
Uruguay 2010 World Cup TeamUruguay 2010 World Cup Team

The first semi-final World Cup party in 2010 in south africa unite Netherlands versus Uruguay will be carried on 6 July 2010 at 20:30 pm local time and took place in Cape Town - Green Point Stadium.

Unlike Germany and Spain, Uruguay and the Netherlands are semifinalists teams who had never tasted defeat in South Africa. One of them will swallow it tomorrow night.

Uruguay, who qualify through the playoffs against the Goliath CONCACAF representatives, are getting a moment to rise, after a long period despite being a predicate bit double world champion - in the days of "old school", in 1930 and 1950.

Holding the French series without his first goal in the party in Group A, the next Oscar Tabarez troops silenced the host with three goals without reply. La Celeste sure ticket to the second round after returning to win, 1-0 over Mexico.

Diego Forlan game Peak et al occurred in round 16 large. Facing the Asian tiger South Korea, they took out the character as a fighter and warrior team. An open and very exciting game so entertaining audiences. Uruguay won 2-1.

Against Ghana in the quarterfinals, Uruguay must thank the "crime" Luis Suarez, who deliberately become "keepers" to prevent a goal. Ghana was awarded a penalty, Suarez was dikartu red. But Asamoah Gyan failed execution, and it affects the rest of the game. Uruguay, which continue to appear brave, winning on penalties.

Before tomorrow night, or Wednesday (07/07/2010), Uruguay and the Netherlands have met twice. At first encounter, at the World Cup in 1974, the Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff reinforced win 2-0. Six years later, on December 30, 1980, Uruguay's defeat reply with the same score in a friendly.

Preview Paraguay Versus Spain

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Paraguay World Cup 2010 SquadParaguay World Cup 2010 Squad
Spain World Cup 2010 SquadSpain World Cup 2010 Squad
Estimates players Paraguay vs SpainEstimates players Paraguay vs Spain

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque, facing pressure to replace striker Fernando Torres by Fernando Llorente at the quarter-final match against Paraguay, in the stadium Johannesburg - Ellis Park Stadium

Of the few polls conducted by media by using fans in Spain as the respondents, indicated the number of support to make changes in the position of the aggressor.

However, Del Bosque still retaining Torres.

The physical condition Llorente Torres is fitter than that included in the squad not long after undergoing knee surgery. Llorente also appears to sharpen the attack successfully replaces Torres in Spain after the second round match against Portugal which ended with Spain winning 1-0.

European champions should have a team that is truly strong in the face of Paraguay who only conceded one goal in four games and was targeted at the semi-final position which became their first record in the World Cup.

The forward David Villa will be the main threat from Spain. But the key to stop the surge of attack Spain Xavi step is to confront and hinder the effectiveness of the two-back attack behind them.

If Paraguay can do that effectively, the game will be a tight battle in the middle row and there will be only a slight chance. In a game like this is, the execution of the attacker as Torres will become very important.

Germany players

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Thomas Muller Youngest Germany PlayerThomas Muller Youngest Germany Player
Miroslav Klose Famous Striker Germany PlayerMiroslav Klose Famous Striker Germany Player
Lukas Podolski Winger Germany PlayerLukas Podolski Winger Germany Player
Bastian schweinsteiger Winger Germany PlayerBastian schweinsteiger Winger Germany Player

Germany Hit Argentina 4-0

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Germany Hit Argentina 4-0Germany Hit Argentina 4-0
Germany Players Celebrate WinningGermany Players Celebrate Winning
Miroslav Klose Celebrate GoalMiroslav Klose Celebrate Goal

Bset World Cup News - Gait was over Argentina in World Cup 2010, after they crushed the German Panzer Der landslide victory with the score 4-0 in the quarter-finals, (7.3) at Green Point Stadium.

At the beginning of each match Argentina and Germany lose their best player, with a trio of Tango-Higuain Messi-Tevez, while Der Panzer with Podolski, Klose, Mueller, and Ozil. Kick off the first conducted by the tango.

Quick goals created in this fight, Thomas Muller brings Der Panzer-minute winner at 3, he welcomed feedback Bastian Schweinsteiger free-kick from the right side of the release of the Argentine defense.

The first yellow card in this fight to get Nicolas Otamendi, after he cut with hard feet, Arne Friederich. Tango repeatedly tried to catch up but it always stuck in the dense German rearguard, they were disciplined midfielder helped the back line.

In fact, in Germany 23 minutes nearly able to increase the advantage if I can kick hard Klose does not soar above the bar, taking advantage of mistakes that are not clean Argentine players throw the ball from the right side piercing Mueller, send the bait into the middle to Klose.

Argentina scored the 36th minute through Higuain who received feed from the bait ball rebounding advantage Teves free shots, but annulled because of the reruns of Tango seen there four players who already are in a position off-side.

When the second round begins Argentine who still try to take the initiative behind the attack, they mastered control of the ball early on and could reap an opportunity through hard shot at Maria Angel unfortunately still sideways.

While Germany has been leading a bit more calm and quiet, they attacked only occasionally and most of the road scheme to prepare a counterattack, the ball a lot of battles fought in the area in the middle of the second half.

Germany re-exploit the weaknesses of the rear right side of the Tango, that gain Podolski stabbed the ball Sodoran of these areas, he let go of the bait into the middle was met Miroslav Klose who stood free to kick into second goal Der Panzer, Germany 2-0 lead.

Not quite up there, the same scheme again occurred in the 74th minute, showed how weak sectors of the Argentine right-back, Bastian Schweinsteiger release bait into the middle of that greeted a defender to score the third goal, Der Panzer, this time entering the name of Arne Friedrich score sheet.

Argentine Tango suffering not stop there, keep attacking for the sake of self-esteem, they returned to collect the ball from the net for the fourth time they got beat goalkeeper quick counterattack, back goals by Miroslav Klose 89 minutes, receiving a cross from the right side of Mesut Ozil, he was able to finish with easy to become goal covers.

Closed off the match in the city of Cape Town, the German Panzer Der official repatriate Argentine Tango from this 2010 World Cup tournament, as well as securing a ticket at the Semi Final round.

Coach Parade

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Joachim Loew Coach Germany TeamJoachim Loew Coach Germany Team
Diego Maradona Coach Argentina TeamDiego Maradona Coach Argentina Team
Approximate composition PlayersApproximate composition Players

Overview Germany versus Argentina

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Germany 2010 World Cup 2010 TeamGermany 2010 World Cup 2010 Team
Argentina 2010 World Cup 2010 TeamArgentina 2010 World Cup 2010 Team

Can not be denied attendance Germany against Argentina would bring back the memory of World Cup 2006, certainly wants to repeat the same thing that ended it with a sweet German at that time.

Deja Vu certainly seemed to both camps, having fallen at the same stage four years ago are now both clear reunited for Argentina is like the perfect opportunity for revenge.

Four years ago, Lukas Podolski cs a smile, left first, equalized through a late Miroslav Klose goal before the game ended, and ended with a win in the shootout, a very distinctive style with Germany.

Smoldering resentment so obviously going to try to be carried and completed by Maradona as coach of the Tango, a powerful fuel to motivate but if not careful it will be a boomerang that could kill myself.

Psychological warfare was also re-dikompori by Philipp Lahm Germany captain, he was already looking forward to watching the expression of a Maradona who he considers out of line, when it will have to accept the defeat of Germany.

While the Germany coach, Joachim Loew, choose a more muted approach on this crucial match, which represents the axis of the continent fight biggest in football.

In some games Maradona often too bold push to keep pressing the opponent, it's entertaining but its effects are often increased their wing-back and central defender made two throe, things that could kill themselves if they could be exploited by attackers Germany, maybe this is a Loew call weaknesses.

My prediction, Germany will beat Argentina and won this game.

Netherlands Kick Brazil from World Cup 2010

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Netherlands Kick Brazil from World Cup 2010Netherlands Kick Brazil from World Cup 2010

Port Elizabeth - Superior beforehand, Brazil turned out to be squandered and eventually defeated and eliminated. Failure to maintain the rhythm of the cause of the defeat of the Samba team.

Brazil had to forget his dream took sixth world title. Travel Ricardo Kaka et al in the World Cup quarterfinals in 2010 only to be subjected over the Netherlands 1-2.

Selecao in the first round games are actually quite good. In fact, they can excel quickly after only ten minutes walk. Movement in the first round of the Dutch players also had their damping. Samba players capable of lethal Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder who acts as regulator of the Dutch attack.

After winning, Brazil actually lost their rhythm in the second round game. Some players seem unable to keep their emotions. The climax occurs when Felipe Melo was rewarded red card for stepping on Robben.

Despite losing, Dunga remains proud that given the opportunity to handle the Brazilian team. "I feel very proud to have been in front of the players and the Brazilian team always shows their dignity," he concluded.

World Cup Brazil Squad

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Ramires Midfielder World Cup Brazil SquadRamires Midfielder World Cup Brazil Squad
Daniel Alves Back World Cup Brazil SquadDaniel Alves Back World Cup Brazil Squad
Dunga Coach World Cup Brazil SquadDunga Coach World Cup Brazil Squad

Netherlands World Cup Squad

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Rafael van der Vaart Midfielder Netherlands World Cup SquadRafael van der Vaart Midfielder Netherlands World Cup Squad
Edson Braafheid Back Netherlands World Cup SquadEdson Braafheid Back Netherlands World Cup Squad
Khalid Boulahrouz Defender Netherlands World Cup SquadKhalid Boulahrouz Defender Netherlands World Cup Squad
Bert van Marwijk Coach Netherlands World Cup SquadBert van Marwijk Coach Netherlands World Cup Squad

Overview Netherlands Versus Brazil

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Netherlands World Cup SquadNetherlands World Cup Squad
World Cup Brazil SquadWorld Cup Brazil Squad

Netherlands drove smoothly in their efforts towards the World Cup final, but on July 2, 2010 At 16:00 local time, they will face Brazil's thick walls and look so very tough ambition lifted the cup champions for the sixth time.

The Netherlands would also have been very crave that cup but coach Bert van Marwijk faces a dilemma in applying the tactics in the quarter-final match in Port Elizabeth against a team that already chasten all their opponents without mercy, though resisted in any way.

Coach Dunga, who had been captain when Brazil beat the Netherlands in the World Cup in 1994 and 1998, say their opponents are technically very strong, so he had to prepare the team better.

Elano will miss the game Friday because of a bruise on his ankle when Brazil against Ivory Coast and Dani Alvez may occupy the position, as he did when against Chile.

Felipe Melo suffered an ankle injury and his replacement Ramires being punished for getting two yellow cards, so it seems Josue will go down in the early game against the Netherlands.

The Dutch won the four previous games and Arjen Robben has scored a goal since he returned to the show after a previous injury, which involved bringing his team a 2-1 victory over Slovakia.

Van Marwijk believes his team can control their game in the group stage and hope to improve the rhythm and speed against Brazil.

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