Sexy Germany Supporter World Cup 2010

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Sexy Germany Supporter World Cup 2010Sexy Germany Supporter World Cup 2010
Cute Germany Supporter World Cup 2010Cute Germany Supporter World Cup 2010
Hot Germany Supporter World Cup 2010Hot Germany Supporter World Cup 2010

Sexy Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010

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Sexy Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010Sexy Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010
Hot Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010Hot Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010
Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010Brazil Supporter World Cup 2010

Spain World Cup 2010 Wallpaper

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Spain World Cup 2010 WallpaperSpain World Cup 2010 Wallpaper
Spain Players World Cup 2010 WallpaperSpain Players World Cup 2010 Wallpaper
Spain World Cup 2010 Desktop WallpaperSpain World Cup 2010 Desktop Wallpaper

Riview Spain kick Portugal

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Spain kick PortugalSpain kick Portugal
Spain World Cup 2010 Team Celebrate WinningSpain World Cup 2010 Team Celebrate Winning
The process of goal by David VillaThe process of goal by David Villa

David Villa led Spain to win 1-0 games at once get rid of Portugal in the last 16 of World Cup 2010 at the Green Point Stadium, Durban.

Spain took the initiative's first round of attacks since the kickoff in the first minute and Fernando Torres had given the threat to Portugal's goalkeeper with a hard kick from outside the penalty box which forced goalkeeper Eduardo berjibaku do glorious rescue.

Two minutes later turn tandemnya, David Villa who did the same effort and re-countered Eduardo. Villa returned to try his luck in the seventh minute through a horizontal kick from the right side of the penalty box but Eduardo again blew it.

Spain continued to dominate the game but their attacks failed to break into the Portuguese goal, while Seleccao himself tried hard to escape from the stresses of new opponents and recorded the best chance in the 20th minute when Tiago hard kick from outside the penalty box failed captured perfectly by goalkeeper Iker Casillas before the Spanish finally securing the ball at the goal line.

Before the break Portugal again get the opportunity when Raul Meireles off crossing into the penalty box but unfortunately Hugo Almeida failed to greet the ball, while Tiago's header on 43 minutes was sideways on the side of the goalkeeper Casillas.

Entering the second half, Portugal and Spain getting no bertaji were increasingly dominating the attack. 59 Minute Spanish coach, Vicente Del Bosque decided to pull Torres who played less effective and Fernando Llorente put to inject energy in La Furia Roja front lines.

This strategy seems to bring results after an attack by the Spanish attack more dangerous. Llorente chance to break the deadlock a minute after entering the field, but at close range header with just receiving a cross Sergio Eduardo Ramos still be saved.

Villa Eduardo performances finally conquered in 63 minutes. Ball from Andres Iniesta Xavi forwarded with bait on the heel to the Villa is cut into the penalty box and took off his left foot kick that leads right to Eduardo, but the ball struck back immediately mentally Villa for the second time and tore the side of the goalkeeper of Portugal.

Riview Brazil Versus Chile

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Brazil kick ChileBrazil kick Chile
Brazil World Cup 2010 Team Celebrate WinningBrazil World Cup 2010 Team Celebrate Winning
Schema creation goals by Luis FabianoSchema creation goals by Luis Fabiano

Brazil showed its class as the most favored team to win the World Cup title. Kala serve the challenges of Chile, in Round 16 Large, Selecao able to demonstrate a solid game, and the neighbor was able melibas landslide victory with the score 3-0.

In this game, scored Brazil's Juan and Luis Fabiano scored in the first round. Meanwhile, the third goal diceploskan by Robinho in the second round.

In these matches, Chile could begin with a very good game. They were able to show the tactical game and could push Brazil's defense. However, this condition will not last long. Brazil is getting hot to show the ability of the original. As a result two times Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo should do a rescue from the advancing goalkeeper Fabiano and Gilberto Silva.

34th minute, goalkeeper Chile eventually collapse. Juan, utilize a removable Maicon corner kick, was able to remove the header that can not be anticipated Bravo.

Sexy Supporter world cup 2010 (2)

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Sexy USA SupporterSexy USA Supporter
Sexy Korea SupporterSexy Korea Supporter
Sexy Italy SupporterSexy Italy Supporter

Sexy Supporter world cup 2010 (1)

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Sexy Germany SupporterSexy Germany Supporter
Sexy Argentina SupporterSexy Argentina Supporter
Sexy Ecuador SupporterSexy Brazil Supporter

Prediction Spain Versus Portugal

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World Cup Spain SquadWorld Cup Spain Squad
Portugal 2010 World Cup 2010 TeamPortugal 2010 World Cup 2010 Team

One ticket became seizure anatar Spanish quarterfinal with Portugal. Of the total attendance both, 'Team Matador' is superior although they must not forget that debuted in the last game is 'Samba Europe'.

Green Point Stadium in Cape Town into a fight Spain contra Portugal, June 29, 2010 at 20:30 local time. The following data and facts match between the two countries located on the Iberian peninsula, as quoted from Opta.

- Portugal to win only five times in 32 meetings across the Spanish counter competition.

- Lost in the record of the meeting, Portugal successfully won the final game versus Spain. It happened at the party the group phase of Euro 2004 thanks to the single goal Nuno Gomes.

- Portugal escaped from the World Cup group phase in 2010 without allowing goals in three games in which they live.

- Portugal conceded only one goal from 12 international matches last.

- In the last 16 of World Cup 2006, Portugal's 1-0 win versus the Netherlands. Laga had produced four red cards, two for Portugal (Deco and Costinha).

- If Portugal Spain won the match counter 20 then they will fulfill the party unbeaten in all competitions. This is a new internal record in the national team of Portugal.

- Spain is the first team after Hungary in 1986, which did not get even one yellow card in World Cup group phase.

- Since the edition of 1982, Spain recorded a clean sheet just as much as 26 percent of the party-the party at the World Cup.

- David Villa has scored six goals from six times a starter in the World Cup - 2006 and 2010. He now becomes topskorer Spain in this event.

- Spain winger Jesus Navas had only appeared during the 118 minutes in the group phase, but he managed to record 40 games a cross from the ball alive. The amount is more than 18 pieces of other players.

- In the last 16 of World Cup 2006, Spain lost 1-3 in France and eliminated. France in the process became a finalist in the semi-finals after Portugal bowed.

Priview Paraguay Versus Japan

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Paraguay World Cup 2010 TeamParaguay World Cup 2010 Team
World Cup Japan TeamWorld Cup Japan Team

Japan and Paraguay are both aiming for the highest in the history of World Cup action today pkl.16.00 local time, and how some betting houses they looked at opportunities?

Coach Takeshi Okada is always lost in three World Cup party in 1998 the opportunity to improve his image, if they could bring the Blue Samurai drove up to the quarter-finals he will be able to become the first coach who can do that for Nippon.

Similarly, Paraguay from the umpteenth time they competed at the World Cup, their best record only until the round of 16 large, Gerardo Martino also want to make a gold record in state football history of Paraguay.

From a number of houses in the world famous wager, all agreed to appoint the representative of Paraguay in South America are placed in proper position 'top' at the party tonight, at the start of Betclic favor of Latin American children will be able to win from Nippon, with probability 1.10; while Japan is predicted to win in the figure 2.60; and balanced result for both teams at 2.10.

But Japan as the sole hope of Asia could have had more motivation, and menapaktilasi impressions of Ghana, advanced to the round of eight major surprises continue!

Priview Brazil versus Chile

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Brazil World Cup 2010 TEamBrazil World Cup 2010 Team
Chile Mundial World Cup TeamChile Mundial World Cup Team

Chile will appear vigorously to try to thwart the efforts of Brazil to the sixth World Cup title on Tuesday (29 / 6) at 21:30 local time and will take place Johannesburg - Ellis Park Stadium.

Chile re-entry into the World Cup finals for the first time since 1998 and their success in the group stages have been celebrated with a noisy by his fans and also by their own players.

Chile passage means there are five South American team in the round of 16 major and midfielder Rodrigo Miller said it would mean a lot to the fans because they have a chance to topple the highest ranked team in the world.

Conversely, Brazil coach Dunga has not been able to see three performances a satisfied smile his team this far even though the South American giant teams undefeated.

Convincing victory over North Korea and Côte d'Ivoire, followed by a goalless draw opponents Portugal on Saturday that made Dunga in and criticizing his players.

Dunga will welcome back Kaka and Elano for this game. Kaka missed one game due to suspension after receiving a red card versus Ivory Coast. While Elano absent through injury.

Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar was convinced the match versus Chile later this will be a difficult test, but said his team must continue to evolve.

The return of Kaka and Elano also welcomed by Inter Milan's goalkeeper.

Math Cast Netherlands versus Slovakia

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The Netherlands Wrld Cup 2010 TeamThe Netherlands Wrld Cup 2010 Team
World Cup Slovakia TeamWorld Cup Slovakia Team

Netherlands More top seeded Slovakian team.

The match between the Netherlands vs. Slovakia will take place on 28 June 2010 at 16:00 local time and took place in Durban - Durban Stadium.

The Netherlands will face Slovakia in the round of 16 large. Oranje Lion of course thanks to its reputation over seeded, but both teams were equally blind opponent's strength.

The Dutch have never won the Group E match against Slovakia. But when he was flagged Czechoslovakia, eastern European team duel against the Dutch was never as much as nine times, and the result won six times.

Trained Netherlands Bert van Marwijk is not invincible from his last 22 matches. They only conceded three goals in seven matches at the World Cup final.

While Slovakia in the last 49 games at least do not produce a touchdown. The last party they grabbed a goalless draw in the face of Russia in 2005.

The latest news from the Dutch team, Rafael van der Vaart is still a doubt for appearing as a starter. This means that Arjen Robben is under consideration by Bert van Marwijk to play from the first minute

David Beckham Galleries

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David Beckham GalleriesDavid Beckham Galleries
David Beckham PosterDavid Beckham Poster
David Beckham PhotoDavid Beckham Photo

Miroslav Klose Wallpaper

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Miroslav Klose WallpaperMiroslav Klose Wallpaper
Miroslav Klose Desktop WallpaperMiroslav Klose Desktop Wallpaper
Miroslav Klose ImageMiroslav Klose Image

Germany World Cup 2010 Team

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Thomas Muller Forward Germany World Cup Team 2010Thomas Muller Forward Germany World Cup Team 2010
Marcell Jansen Winger Germany World Cup Team 2010Marcell Jansen Winger Germany World Cup Team 2010
Joachim Low Coach Germany World Cup Team 2010Joachim Low Coach Germany World Cup Team 2010

Priview Germany versus England

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Germany World Cup 2010 TeamGermany World Cup 2010 Team
England World Cup 2010 TeamEngland World Cup 2010 Team

Matches live and die and loaded prestige will happen in round 16 between Germany versus England .. This game will take place at 16:00 local time and will take place at Mangaung / Bloemfontein - Free State Stadium.

Germany and the UK judged to have equal levels of the game, they also spelled out the same squad packed with star players, this match-gadangkan menggadang many will end with a shootout.

But this time can not underestimate inggrs der panzer german team, which is often called diesel engines that the longer, hotter and more grind.

Uruguay temporary upper hand over south korea

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Luis Suarez Printers goals against south koreaLuis Suarez Printers goals against south korea

Uruguay lead over South Korea while the score 1-0. Is Luis Suarez is a goal scorer.

Uruguay is currently managed to excel through the first eight-minute Suarez. Goals are born from crossing Diego Forlan from the left side of the field which is solved either by Suarez

Uruguay Mundial Squad

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Luis Suarez Uruguay StrikerLuis Suarez Uruguay Striker
Diego Perez Uruguay MidfielderDiego Perez Uruguay Midfielder
Maxi Pereira Uruguay WingbackMaxi Pereira Uruguay Wingback

Match Uruguay versus South Korea

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Uruguay Mundial SquadUruguay Mundial Squad
World Cup South Korea SquadWorld Cup South Korea Squad

South Korea may appear promising in this year's World Cup, one of them thanks to the consistency of the game open. But Uruguay is performing just as good as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, they're on fire.

Group A Uruguay to be a star for being a champion, winning the rivalry with Mexico, the host South Africa, and 1998 champion France. They won twice, no less and no penetration.

Clean sheets three times in a row is something new this time the children reached La Celeste in the World Cup. They are also unbeaten in five matches at the World Cup final - the previous two series in the 2002 edition.

Coach Oscar Tabarez also become a factor due to last time through the Uruguay round of 16 large, namely in 1990, the figure is now 63 years diarsiteki very respected that.

Round 16 matches will take place on June 26, 2010 at the Nelson Mandela Bay / Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth Stadium at 16:00 local time.

Portugal 2010 World Cup Team

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Rui Costa WallpaperRui Costa Wallpaper
Tiago ImageTiago Image
Pepe PicturePepe Picture

Brazil 2010 World Cup Team

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Luis Fabiano 2010 Brazil StrikerLuis Fabiano 2010 Brazil Striker
Julio Baptista  WallpaperJulio Baptista Wallpaper
Lucio Captain BrazilLucio Captain Brazil
Julio Cesar Brazil GoalkeeperJulio Cesar Brazil Goalkeeper

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