Germany Hit Argentina 4-0

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Germany Hit Argentina 4-0Germany Hit Argentina 4-0
Germany Players Celebrate WinningGermany Players Celebrate Winning
Miroslav Klose Celebrate GoalMiroslav Klose Celebrate Goal

Bset World Cup News - Gait was over Argentina in World Cup 2010, after they crushed the German Panzer Der landslide victory with the score 4-0 in the quarter-finals, (7.3) at Green Point Stadium.

At the beginning of each match Argentina and Germany lose their best player, with a trio of Tango-Higuain Messi-Tevez, while Der Panzer with Podolski, Klose, Mueller, and Ozil. Kick off the first conducted by the tango.

Quick goals created in this fight, Thomas Muller brings Der Panzer-minute winner at 3, he welcomed feedback Bastian Schweinsteiger free-kick from the right side of the release of the Argentine defense.

The first yellow card in this fight to get Nicolas Otamendi, after he cut with hard feet, Arne Friederich. Tango repeatedly tried to catch up but it always stuck in the dense German rearguard, they were disciplined midfielder helped the back line.

In fact, in Germany 23 minutes nearly able to increase the advantage if I can kick hard Klose does not soar above the bar, taking advantage of mistakes that are not clean Argentine players throw the ball from the right side piercing Mueller, send the bait into the middle to Klose.

Argentina scored the 36th minute through Higuain who received feed from the bait ball rebounding advantage Teves free shots, but annulled because of the reruns of Tango seen there four players who already are in a position off-side.

When the second round begins Argentine who still try to take the initiative behind the attack, they mastered control of the ball early on and could reap an opportunity through hard shot at Maria Angel unfortunately still sideways.

While Germany has been leading a bit more calm and quiet, they attacked only occasionally and most of the road scheme to prepare a counterattack, the ball a lot of battles fought in the area in the middle of the second half.

Germany re-exploit the weaknesses of the rear right side of the Tango, that gain Podolski stabbed the ball Sodoran of these areas, he let go of the bait into the middle was met Miroslav Klose who stood free to kick into second goal Der Panzer, Germany 2-0 lead.

Not quite up there, the same scheme again occurred in the 74th minute, showed how weak sectors of the Argentine right-back, Bastian Schweinsteiger release bait into the middle of that greeted a defender to score the third goal, Der Panzer, this time entering the name of Arne Friedrich score sheet.

Argentine Tango suffering not stop there, keep attacking for the sake of self-esteem, they returned to collect the ball from the net for the fourth time they got beat goalkeeper quick counterattack, back goals by Miroslav Klose 89 minutes, receiving a cross from the right side of Mesut Ozil, he was able to finish with easy to become goal covers.

Closed off the match in the city of Cape Town, the German Panzer Der official repatriate Argentine Tango from this 2010 World Cup tournament, as well as securing a ticket at the Semi Final round.


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