Ahead of North Korea versus Brazil match

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Brazil Squad Worldcup 2010Brazil Squad Worldcup 2010
North Korea Squad Worldcup 2010North Korea Squad Worldcup 2010

Brazil has many talents that make a coach who handles the Samba Team inevitable difficulties and hassles when it comes to determining the football squad. Not to mention the high demands Expectations and accompaniments.

Expectations and materials associated with the great players, every one of Brazil as their own choice of a proper person to fill the national team line-ups.

Any such election player so customers do not cause controversy like Romario de Souza Faria called (Romario) in the 2002 World Cup squad. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira Or (Ronaldinho) at the 2010 World Cup today.

Blends Brazilian Dunga were not spared from criticism, is still associated with high expectations earlier. No kidding, not only journalists who criticize the President of Brazil did.

Since appointed as Brazil coach, Dunga who has a full name Carlos Caetano Verri Bledorn it has succeeded in embracing the 2007 Copa America and Confederations Cup in 2009.

Brazilian fans are now waiting to see how the efficacy of mixing Dunga in South Africa, without Ronaldinho, who still remains the figure mentioned as one of the most creative players in the Selecao.

Brazil will undergo its first game in the World Cup in 2010 with the face of North Korea on Wednesday at Ellis Park Stadium. With a resounding win, Dunga must be commended, regardless of criticism for her before this. Will reverse if Brazil was not impressive, let alone to lose so just get ready to face blasphemy.

Many people and observers sponsor Brazil will win this game, but do not take for granted the city the troops of North Korean ginseng, they may be 'dark horse' that will overthrew Brazil.


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